Asset Check / Skip Tracing


Many agencies charge a fee or retainer for asset searches on defendants who have Judgments issued by the court against them.

Our office conducts asset searches as a courtesy for attorneys and plaintiffs who do business with us in Norfolk County. If you have a ‘Judgment’ or ‘Execution’ issued by the court and wish to review your options to collect from a judgment debtor, contact us and we will discuss the different options open to you or your client. Our comprehensive asset searches are important to attorneys who are trying to determine if there are sufficient
assets to warrant an attachment or seizure.

With our Asset Check Report, attorneys will receive a comprehensive report outlining our findings on their judgment debtor. The report will identify any real estate, motor vehicles, equipment, or other assets of the judgment debtor. The Report will identify the location of the assets, what can be seized, asset values and the expenses incurred in executing a seizure. In many cases the costs incurred in a seizure can be deducted from the sale proceeds. Real Estate assets can also be levied by the Sheriffs Office in order to satisfy
a Judgment.

If you are interested in an Asset Check Report (No Cost), please send a copy of your original Judgment/Execution along with a cover letter (for your convenience please see the below Asset Search Request Form) to the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office. We accept this form by email, fax and direct mailing service. We will contact you with the results of the Asset Report and information on any additional services our office may be able to provide.

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Searching/Locating Individuals And Commercial Entities

We are experts in locating individuals and finding alternative addresses. We apply our asset search technology to find People, Organizations or Companies and our success rate is impressive.

As sworn law enforcement officers we have access to sophisticated ‘real time’ databases (unavailable to Constables) which enable us to get up to date information on the location and assets of judgment debtors. Many attorneys take advantage of this service.
Our staff is very experienced at Asset Location, Seizures and Sheriff’s Sale & Auctions. We have located millions of dollars of assets, satisfying Judgments issued by State and Federal Courts. United States District Court.

The Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office is unique as it has also conducted asset location services and seizures for Plaintiffs before the U.S. District Court. After being assigned ‘Special Process Server’ status by the federal courts, we have located and seized millions of dollars in assets throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Massachusetts Superior and District Courts

Under Massachusetts law, Executions on Money Judgment have a 20 year shelf life. Many Attorneys and Plaintiffs neglect to review these documents regularly. Judgment Debtors, both commercial and individual evolve in terms of their financial well being. Examples of this are noted when companies and individuals rebuild their finances post judgment. Whether it is an inheritance for an individual or a company’s growth and success, assets can evolve and grow with them.

The Norfolk Sheriff’s Civil Office recommends that attorneys/plaintiffs review their files periodically and send us a copy of their older Judgment/Executions, those issued over the past twenty years. We can conduct an asset search, review the judgment debtor’s status and recommend a course of action if the Judgment remains unsatisfied especially on cases where a person may have acquired assets since the Execution was issued.